“I rarely go for vegetarian food, but this place is exceptional! Never had dosa before this point in my life, but I fell in love with this little cart located in the intersection of Market and New Montgomery.

I always get the mix one(they only have three options) with additional vegetables, it is crispy, fresh, and yummy! Although I am not able to judge how authentic these dosa are(I heard they are not), but I just like the flavor dosa brothers brought out!”

“I cannot express how much I love this little cart! If you don’t know what a dosa is you must try one, you will not be disappointed! I always get the Mix Dosa with Spring Mix (although sometimes if I get there too late they run out of the spring mix which is disappointing).

The mix dosa has both the paneer filling and masala filling and the spring mix is similar to a cabbage salad. It’s a healthy filling vegetarian lunch that is full of flavor…so yummy and delicious. Just typing this makes me crave one!”

“Honestly I expected something completely different but none the less it didn’t disappoint. It’s not your typical south Indian Dosa but its still yummy. I tried the masala dosa that traditionally has potato stuffing and is served with chutneys but this was masala potatoes along with mayo (never knew I’d enjoy that combo) and a sort of coconut paste on the side.”


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Our awesome Dosa Team is a growing organization with a vision to see the fast food industry standard evolve into a more health conscious one. Our small, grassroots company is run with the principles of creating a wholesome environment where food is created mindfully, treated with care and respect so that it may provide a sustainable economic change on a larger scale. area.


We believe commitment to environmental stewardship is an imperative tenant of modern business. We are working towards creating sustainability in each component of our company.

We strive to conduct our business consciously and to partake in the global environmental movement. We are a dedicated Vegetarian establishment, which significantly lowers our carbon footprint. We also eliminated food waste by composting leftovers. Our next step is to implement solar technology.